Penn Badgley Is The Pauper!

I like how the character of Penn Badgley Dan in Gossip Girl turned up in Season 5.

Yes, he was deserted by Blake Lively Serena but he chose to live right, that is, pursuing his writing career and hopefully finding a new love with Leighton Meester Blaire, unlike Ed Westwick Chuck who took the dark side of the road following his break up with Blaire. Dan may be the ever supportive, great friend of Blaire for now but who knows, they might end up together in the coming episodes. 

He is persistent. He is the support system. He is the nice guy. He is the pauper that you will love. He is the man that girls need nowadays. A sincere character for a pretending world…

Found these photos while viewing some photography sites. You may want to view them in Sean P. Watters Photography. White tank top, blazer and combat boots (what he was wearing) will always be my style.

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Anne Curtis + Cigarette (Rogue) = Controversy

Whatever! She is Anne Curtis! She is still beautiful! And I will always love her!

Yes, I support any anti-smoking campaign but for this?! Hell to the NO! This is ART! And anyone who is not into it doesn’t really know what this cover is all about!

And hey, do you really think that Filipinos are dumb? That we’ll smoke too because Anne Curtis is smoking in the cover of a magazine?

This cover, this issue… doesn’t connect at all with the problems we are facing today on smoking. We should review our values because it’s a sure thing we got a problem here.

People are just unreasonable nowadays… What a shame!

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Laura And The Boys!

With her sweet face and alluring personality, Laura Kirkpatrick stunned her three male co-models for ANTM All Stars Episode 4. Is this her best photo or just a spoiler for the episode?

There’s no doubt, Laura is my favorite! I love her! But other than her, are those men’s clothes for this particular shot. They’re wearable, fashionable and just pleasing to the eyes. What’s your say?

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Teen Wolves Choose Plain Colors

Teen Wolf stars Tyler Hoechlin, Tyler Posey and Dylan O’Brien chose to be plain at the 2011 Teen Vogue Young Hollywood Party! Now, its time for you to choose whose look stands out! Personally, I love the old brown and shiny black leather jackets as well as the white shirt… what’s yours?

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I Miss My Brogue Shoes!

Church's Grafton Shoes

Haven’t worn them since I left them somewhere! Haven’t seen them since I screwed them in the community! I just miss my brogue-styled leather shoes I used to show off in college. They’re classic. They’re fashionable. And looking good are what they assure you every time…

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Laura Kirkpatrick Eating Your Hotdog!

Laura Kirkpatrick looks so irresistible as she tries to get nasty with Pink’s hotdog in ANTM 17: All Stars! I know, men out there are imagining Laura right now eating their hotdogs because she is seductive in here!

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Anne Curtis Is Annebisyosa!

I bet this album will reach platinum because she is ANNE CURTIS… because she is the National Sweetheart, Princess of All Media and Primetime Goddess because she is the Award-Winning Actress, All-Time Favorite Host, Philippines’ Top Cover Girl and Most Gorgeous Endorser Ever… because there is no other woman better than her [MOVIE: No Other Woman], because everyone loves what her “mouth” is acting, talking and now singing about [SONG: Mouth]!

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Patrick Schwarzenegger + Georgia May Jagger (Hudson Jeans) = Fall 2011 Campaign

I still don’t get why going topless/shirtless is an issue for women, after all, Adam and Eve were nude, we were born this way too… Perhaps it is only the creative mind of men that made women’s breasts unwanted for display, that is, on how they imagine, look at them, and consider these as sex symbols!

Here’s Patrick Schwarzenegger and Georgia May Jagger for Hudson Jeans’ Fall 2011 Campaign! I used to watch Patrick’s dad in movies before and now his grown up son is now making a wave, only in modelling/fashion industry though. Hey! Don’t dare to say I am that old to see the career of these Schwarzeneggers! I’m still 20! Lol!

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Stainless Steel Mesh Bow Tie AKA “The Colonel”

Sometimes you don’t just feel to go in an event with a very formal attire and to change the uncomfortable aura you need some accessories there to pull a new different yet modish look! This hand made metal bow tie now could help you achieve your dream picture at the party. The bow tie is fashioned from vintage military stainless steel mesh in which edges are hand crimped for a smooth finish and the bow tie clip is made of industrial steel [Etsy].

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Wrist Candy: Devon Tread 1 Watch

This look is cool, neat, sexy and expensive! Tank top is simple yet it creates an edgy look when combined with this forehead-slappingly radical Devon Tread 1 Watch. This mechanical masterpiece utilizes 4 compact microstep motors to run a series of exposed glass-nylon belts that adjust the time and date. Indeed, it is a state-of-the-art gadget!

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Laura Kirkpatrick Is Back!

My Mondays now are more exciting because my baby Laura Kirkpatrick is back in America’s Next Top Model All Stars! I just love her because she can really pull different looks every time. She’s not like Nicole Fox (winner of ANTM Cycle 13) that is very awkward! She is all that every man loves! How I wish I was one of the professional photographers that has photographed her in the show!

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Growing Up Or Power Rangers?

Photo from @kiraycelis

Watching ABS-CBN’s still-to-prove-itself-with-good-ratings Growing Up was fun! I noticed that the get ups of the main cast are color-coded (charismatic Julia Montes for violet, Nestea boy Neil Coleta for orange, comedienne Kiray Celis for red and astig Daniel Padilla for black). Looking them that way made me compared them to Power Rangers such that the teen show Growing Up is a modern day Power Rangers. The teens don’t have powers to deal with but only personality, they aren’t fighting the evil side but just facing the challenges of being a teenager, that with combined effort and determination, I know they will succeed and soon be called grown ups! [Photo from @kiraycelis]

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